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ProGraph Solutions - Rendering

Moving a bit farther away from the drafting and precision of design work ProGraph Solutions has the ability to digitally recreate your project.

If you have an idea but want to see how get an idea of how it will appear in the real world then give us a call to create a rendering of your project, the renderings are perfect for investments, marketing and research while avoiding the cost of developing a physical prototype.

An overall view of the kiosk

Another rendering showing in a little more detail the layout of the kiosk.

A couple quick renderings of a customer service kiosk; the initial concept model was crated in CAD and once refined a couple presentation renderings were created; follwing this a set of detailed cabinetry plans were developed to aid in the fabrication.

A quick rendering of a sign built for Concept One Autoworks

For his new office space, the owner of Concept One Autoworks tasked ProGraph Solutions to develop a backlit logo sign for installation in the office. The sign was modelled in 3D using Solid Edge, from whih a detailed set of drawings were created for plate cutting, forming and installation. Once the 3D CAD model was created it was transferred into MODO where a quick presentation rendering was created to help convey the idea of the completed sign.

If you are looking for a body shop to finish off your project car give Richard Katalinic a call at Concept One Autoworks.

A pair of old style glasses that will be a prop in a larger rendering... A little more detail and a leather case set into a quick scene to give a bit better lighting...

A rendering of a 1920's style pair of glasses that will be used as a prop in a larger rendering.

A rendering of a light bar design that is currently a work in progress.

A concept rendering of a older style light bar design that is beginning to take shape.