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ProGraph Solutions - Mechanical Design

Drawing upon years of experience in multiple sub-disciplines, ProGraph Solutions can help you bring your mechanical projects to life.

Working closely with engineers, maintenance personnel and fabricators we can come up with the most efficient design to complete the task at hand. It is possible for us to create anything from a complex 3D model to a simple two dimensional drawing to convey the appropriate information to your fabrication team. ProGraph Solutions has past experience with civil design, industrial piping, structural design, and mobile equipment.

While a lot of what we do is covered under non-disclosure agreements, below is a bit of what can be shown...

Fire retardant chemical storage tank

Given a few base parameters ProGraph Solutions designed and modeled a new fire retardant storage tank complete with manways, piping connections, handrails and ladders. Upon approval of the conceptual drawings a full set of detailed shop drawings were created and sent to the shop floor for fabrication.

Rendering of a 6000L fuel truck body.

Using sketches supplied by the client a quick model and set of general arrangement drawings was created for a 6000L tank truck body to allow for regulatory agency certification.

A quick rendering of the steel works for a custom truck deck

ProGraph Solutions designed, modeled and created the drawings for a custom flat deck with integrated ladder to be mounted on a 1951 GMC truck.

The stair assembly mounted in the structure.

A small part of a much larger project where a custom warehouse and shop space was designed using multiple 40 foot shipping containers mounted together, cladded and positioned adjacent to an existing structure.

A snippet of some duct work.

A small section of a drawing showing an HVAC ducting for a restaurant.

Radiator cap

A simple aluminum radiator cap modeled in Solid Edge to be CNC machined to replace a damaged component on an older logging truck.

A rendering of a light bar design that is currently a work in progress.

A really quick rendering of a older style light bar design that is beginning to take shape.

A screen shot of a work in progress wheel chair ramp.

Another view of the wheel chair ramp and stairs

A screen shot from Solid Edge showing a new obstruction free wheel chair ramp and set of stairs; following the completion of the model a detail set of shop drawings will be created.