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ProGraph Solutions - BricsCAD Applications

Custom build BricsCAD applications will help leverage the power of your drafting team by making them more efficient while decreasing fatigue and reducing errors. Simply put, supplying your drafting team with custom built tools will increase your firm's profit margin.

To begin the development process or to see what is possible with these applications contact our office.

Some examples of our previous work:

The user interface for the application.

Pipes is a small application that was custom built for a septic design firm allowing a user to quickly draw a sanitary pipe network by simply entering a couple of parameters into a dialog box. Once the appropriate information has been entered the application draws a plan view of the system.

The user interface for the application.

An animation showing the use of the applicaiton.

The Minimalist Attribute Editor is a small dialog box driven LISP routine that allows a user to select an attribute and edit its value without the additional options available in the full attribute editor shipped with BricsCAD. This application will be offered for sale in the coming weeks.

Additional features are planned for this application, while keeping the core goal of the application in mind: minimizing keyboard and mouse inputs as much as possible when editing attributes.