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ProGraph Solutions - Custom Building Plans

Looking for a set of custom building plans for your dream home, ProGraph Solutions can help you get started with a set of drawings. All created by hand using modern CAD software almost anything is possible.

We will work closely with you and your builder to ensure that you new home or out building is exactly as you had envisioned it to be, once the floor plan layout has been completed the full set of drawings are then drawn and the set completed with multiple client review stages during the process.

Custom garage designed with insulated concrete forms.

A 26' x 36' custom garage designed to utilize insulated concrete forms for the walls and foundation complete with two overhead doors and rough ins for a future washroom.

Custom garage designed with insulated concrete forms.

A slightly larger garage, at 26' x 40' with two overhead doors but designed with standard stick framing and trusses in mind.

A section through a rather complicated residential entryway

One of a few section views that formed part of a set of addition plans for a local residence; the project included doubling the size of the existing home and adding a full second floor to the building.

A custom home elevation.

The front elevation of a custom home; all of our building and home plans are meticulously drawn by hand with the aid of CAD software.